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Artwork by Salma Hosseini - Encounter - Behrouz Pashaei

I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming album “Encounter” releasing on August 7, 2024, by Zabte Sote record label. Pre-order now available on the Zabte Sote Band Camp page 

 This project marks a significant chapter in my musical journey as it’s my first album in electronic music. “Encounter” captures the depth of my experiences and the vibrant essence of life in Iran.

A huge thanks to Kaveh Sattari for the mastering and my dear Salma Hosseini for the stunning artwork. Special appreciation to Ata Ebtekar for his invaluable guidance and support.

Allah Mazar

Allah Mazar

August 12, 2022

Behrouz Pashaei - Guitar, Vocal and Electronics

Kimia Nikpour Farokh - Sorouz

Artwork by Salma Hosseini

Special Thanks to Ata Ebtekar, Arash Bolouri & Erfan Kamali



December 5, 2021

Video by Salma Hosseini
Music by Behrouz Pashaei



October 25, 2021

Behrouz Pashaei - Composer, Guitar and Vocals
Dara Teymourifar - Drums
Nima Giti - Bass
Artwork - Salma Hosseini

Special Thanks to Ata Ebtekar, Arash Bolouri & Parham Majd Pezeshki



November 21, 2020

Music: Behrouz Pashaei
Mastering: Behnam Asadi
Cover Painting: Salma Hosseini

Special thanks to Ata Ebtekar(SOTE), Arash Bolouri, Hamed Afshar, and Kasra Eskandari