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Behrouz Pashaei

Behrouz Pashaei

Composer, Guitarist, Sound Artist, Producer

Behrouz Pashaei, born in Tehran, Iran on October 5, 1984, learned to love music from the songs played on the family tape recorder. He credits his parents' musical taste for nurturing his passion for music.

In 2012, he co-founded the rock band "Dast Saaz" with friends, aiming to blend Iranian and Western music. Later, in 2014, he and Arash Bolouri formed the "Baad" band, exploring the blending of Western and traditional Iranian music.

Throughout his journey, Pashaei has dynamically collaborated with theatrical troupes, filmmakers, and animators, crafting sonic landscapes that amplified the visual narratives of their productions.

In 2017, his involvement in the "Sacred Horror in Design" project led by Ata Ebtekar "SOTE" served as a profound turning point in his artistic trajectory. This experience afforded him invaluable insights, drawn from fusing the emotive resonance of traditional Iranian string instruments with the ethereal soundscapes crafted by synthesizers. These experiences, coupled with captivating performances at renowned European festivals, laid the groundwork for his initiation into electronic music.

Subsequently, he delved into learning electronic music from Ata Ebtekar, integrating these new learnings into his musical work.

His upcoming album, "Encounter," marks a significant milestone in his journey, encapsulating his first foray into electronic music. The album reflects the depth of his experiences and the richness of his exposure to life in Iran.